Water Damage

Water will cause the most long term damage to a property if not handled promptly and properly. Identifying the source and type of the water is key to determining the appropriate cleanup response. Even clean category 1 water can quickly turn dangerous if not identified and fixed. The longer the restoration process is delayed, the more serious and severe a water loss becomes. Mold can begin to grow in high humidity and water contaminated environments within days if the water and moisture are not removed.

Types of Water

Category 1 – originates from a sanitary source and does not pose a substantial risk to human health.
Category 2 – contains significant contamination and has the potential to cause human discomfort or sickness.
Category 3 – is grossly contaminated and can contain harmful pathogenic and oxygenic agents.

Our services include:

Water extraction

Drying and dehumidification

Sanitization and anti-microbial applications

Drying/removal of impacted surfaces

Moisture mapping

Air quality testing

HIPAA document destruction

Water Damage