Chris Munkvold

President & COO

As the President & COO, Chris Munkvold plays a critical role in shaping the operations of all Watterson divisions. Chris is an emergency response executive who has made significant contributions to Watterson since joining the company in 2003.

With over 25 years of experience managing thousands of emergency response projects nationwide, Chris brings a wealth of expertise to his role. He has a deep understanding of the complex challenges involved in managing large-scale events and has successfully led emergency response efforts for minor loss events as well as large catastrophic events like Hurricane Sandy. Throughout his career, Chris has established expertise in national account programs, cost estimates and proposals, operational efficiencies, and staff training and management. He is known for his proactive approach to problem-solving, his commitment to safety, and his ability to effectively manage large teams and complex budgets. Under his leadership, Watterson has been able to expand its emergency response capabilities and establish itself as a leading emergency response provider in the United States and Canada. Chris’s dedication, expertise, and strategic vision continue to drive Watterson’s success and support our client and vendor partners.