Jim Riser

Vice President of Property Redevelopment

Jim Riser is a seasoned property redevelopment executive with over 30 years of experience in overseeing complex projects across multiple sectors. As Vice President of Property Redevelopment at Watterson, Jim leads a team of expert services that help clients transform underutilized properties into lucrative assets. Jim’s vast experience and knowledge of facility redevelopment enable him to provide innovative solutions that are not only practical but also offer maximum benefit to clients.

Throughout his career, Jim has overseen projects in most of the 50 states including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. His experience spans the medical, financial, and transportation sectors, and he has expertise in overseeing projects from their inception through to completion. Jim’s ability to manage teams, collaborate effectively with stakeholders, and drive successful outcomes has earned him a reputation as a trusted partner for clients looking to maximize the value of their real estate holdings. His commitment to excellence and result driven approach ensure that clients can rely on him to deliver exceptional service for their redevelopment projects.