Julie McCollum

Chief Financial Officer

Julie McCollum is the Chief Financial Officer at Watterson with over 30 years of experience in strategic finance solutions. She is known for her analytical acumen, Merger & Acquisition strategies, and the drive for business initiatives to grow companies substantially.

Throughout her career, Julie has held various executive positions in fast-growing companies, where she successfully managed the financial performance of diverse business units, implemented cost management and profit improvement initiatives and helped companies navigate exponential growth. After joining Watterson in 2023, Julie plays a key role in leading the synchronization of financial processes and streamlining procedures in accounting, budgeting, forecasting and risk management. She is dedicated to working collaboratively with the executive team to develop and execute strategic plans that drive growth and profitability while ensuring operational efficiency. With her deep understanding of the business landscape, Julie brings a unique perspective to Watterson, helping the company navigate industry challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.