Kelly Harman

Senior Managing Director
and Sales Executive

As Senior Managing Director and Sales Executive at Watterson, Kelly Harman brings over 30 years of executive experience in retail real estate development. Her background in both the Tenant and Landlord sectors has provided her with a well-rounded approach to real estate strategy, acquisition, and portfolio optimization. Kelly has a proven track record of successfully managing large teams of brokers, leasing directors, and construction project managers. Additionally, she is an expert in market strategy and predictive modeling development for optimal distribution and strategy, as well as store design development to refresh and sharpen brand presence.

Kelly is known for fostering collaborative relationships in executive positions, most recently at Comcast. Her skills in leadership, strategic planning, and innovative problem-solving have enabled her to successfully navigate complex business environments. Kelly’s dedication to implementing best practices and maximizing profits has earned her a reputation as a respected and skilled leader in the retail real estate industry. She is passionate about creating value for her clients and maintaining long-lasting relationships by driving success and growth for her clients and the Business Development team at large.