Rob Taluc

Vice President of Emergency Response

As the Vice President of Emergency Response, Rob Taluc oversees the rapid response and recovery efforts of Watterson, ensuring that nationwide clients receive timely and effective support during incidents and emergencies.

Rob’s extensive experience in emergency management and functional process improvement continue to enhance Watterson’s growth trajectory. He has a deep understanding of the complex challenges involved in managing and responding to emergencies, and his expertise has enabled Watterson to provide exceptional services to its clients. Under Rob’s leadership since 2015, the Emergency Response Division at Watterson has experienced impressive growth, expanded its client base and improved operational efficiency. He is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans that drive the department’s overall growth and success. Rob is committed to ensuring that Watterson is constantly improving its emergency response capabilities while focusing on future integrations and expansions. His passion for the industry and his dedication to challenging his team every day makes him a respected leader and an integral part of Watterson’s executive team.