Steve Peldiak

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Peldiak has been Watterson’s visionary leader since 2012, redefining the service standard for the commercial emergency, environmental, and facilities management industry. Under this dynamic leadership, Watterson has been included in the Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America for seven consecutive years.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Watterson, he is responsible for setting and executing the company’s strategic vision and driving growth and profitability with his 25 years of experience. Steve’s deep knowledge of the industry, combined with his commitment to excellence, has allowed Watterson to stay ahead of the curve and continuously deliver exceptional results to its customers.

Steve brought a wealth of experience to Watterson surrounding facility maintenance, construction, and environmental health and safety, having a successful track record in the retail sector. Steve’s unique perspective and expertise have been critical in enabling Watterson to navigate the rapidly changing business landscape and remain competitive. With his unwavering commitment to driving growth and exceeding customer expectations doing “Whatever It Takes”, Steve has positioned Watterson for sustained success.