We Care

A portion of our profits goes to giving back to the community.

Doing Whatever It Takes to Help

At Watterson, we've seen firsthand how devastating natural disasters can be. In addition to helping businesses get back on their feet following disasters and emergencies, we believe it's important to give back to the people in the communities we serve. That's why we donate a portion of our profits to organizations providing that type of help.

Thank you to each of our partners who are helping us give back in so many ways.

Feed My Starving Children - Watterson Team Volunteers

On October 18th Watterson sent a team of volunteers to help pack meals at the Feed My Starving Children location in Schaumburg, IL. Feed My Starving Children creates, and packs scientifically backed meals to send to malnourished children around the world. To date Feed My Starving Children has sent meals to 108 different countries and 5 continents! On this particular day, the Watterson team packed over 50 of the boxes that were packed that day that were being sent to the Dominican Republic. With the help of Watterson, over 28,500 meals were packed which will feed 80 kids for a year.  For more information on Feed My Starving Children please follow the link:  https://www.fmsc.org/.

2020 Watterson Donations were made to the following organizations listed below in the names of our valued partners.

REACH (Rescuing Each Animal for Caring Homes) Rescue Inc. is a volunteer based not-for-profit 501(c)(3) no-kill animal rescue group. We are a coalition of rescuers, fosters, vets, humane societies, humane investigators and shelters that advocate saving the lives of homeless animals. We make a selfless and concerted effort to educate the general public on the humane treatment of animals, and the need for comprehensive spay and neutering programs.  Our Mission at REACH Rescue Inc. it to rescue dogs and cats that are stray, abandoned, relinquished, abused, neglected, or have run out of time at public shelters and scheduled to be euthanized as a result of overpopulation.  At all times, REACH Rescue attempts to bring animals and their people together.  The Organization is committed to promoting the rescue, adoption, and public education necessary to ensure all animals that all animals passing through our care REACH a stable, healthy and happy life.

Watterson's donations have made it possible for the relocation the REACH Rescue Inc. operation to a new facility.  With Watterson's amazing support, location negotiations, new commercial signing donation, HVAC maintenance, paint & supplies, and reliable contractors, the new Reach Rescue Inc. facility is now open and operating.  (Find out more at ReachRescue.org)


On July 25th, 2019  the wonderful volunteers at REACH Rescue lighted up the workday at the Watterson Schaumburg office by bringing a delightfully happy litter of puppies to our office.  Taking a break from our day, we all enjoyed romping on the floor and making goofy noises to the tiny little bundles of fluff!

We are all very thankful for the fun break, and we continue to support the wonderful people at REACH Rescue who help work tirelessly to rescue, foster and adopt all the animals they can REACH.

“Channahon’s Three Rivers Festival has been helping the Community for 29 Years!  From a community meeting in 1989 to this year’s event, the Three Rivers Festival has generated over $900,000 for community programs and services in the Channahon area. These dollars come from the generous support of our corporate sponsors and those attending the Festival. The money raised for this event are directly reinvested in the community, with the majority of the proceeds equally received by the Festival’s sponsoring organizations: Channahon Pony Baseball, Channahon Lions Club, Channahon Fire Department, and Chanooka Braves Youth Football.”


Watterson's Gold Level Sponsorship provided the funds necessary to introduce, for the first year at Three Rivers Festival, carnival games and prizes for children with learning disabilities.