• Dark Store Monitoring:
    AWSAM System

    Dark Store Monitoring: AWSAM System

Dark Store Monitoring: AWSAM System



Sensors monitor for various types of damage throughout a property, if an incident occurs, they notify the Control Panel. The Control Panel notifies the property manager or Watterson’s 24/7/365 call center of the incident. If property managers opt-in the Control Panel can also shutoff water to the area of concern to thwart water related damage.

Dark Store Monitoring: AWSAM System



Property managers receive notifications of the incident type and exact location so they can deploy the right service team member to resolve the incident. If necessary, a Valve Controller can automatically turn off water to the affected zone or the property manager can choose to turn it off from their phone.

Dark Store Monitoring: AWSAM System



Commercial property owners save money on property damage, deductibles, insurance premiums, lost revenue, building devaluation, and much more. Many have also saved on labor costs from continually having to send service to regular areas of concern.

Active Whole System Automatic Monitoring

This integrated technology solution gives you peace of mind that all of your assets are protected, even when the lights are out.

SensorsSensors are the eyes and ears of the AWSAM system and with 3
different sensor configurations we have your building covered.
Our sensors have the longest wireless range on the market and
can sense water, indoor temperature as well as humidity to ensure
protection from mechanical failure, frozen pipes, water intrusion,
mold from humidity and more. For hard to reach areas such as
risers, grey water drains, hot water heaters or just about any area
you are concerned about water damage or mold.
5G Control PanelIf the valve is the heart, then the control panel is the brain of the
system. The two frequencies ensure that the system is always
operational. Even in the event of a power outage and loss of
cellular connectivity, the control panel continues operation. With
the ability to manage up to 64 sensors and 128 valves per
control panel you can rest assured that your building will be covered.
VC100 Valve ControllerThe VC100 Valve Controller is the critical element in the system
to ensure your building is water damage free. Think of it as the
heart of the system. Upon notification of a water or freezing
incident, the VC100 turns off the water to the zone to prevent any
further damage. The VC100 performs its own self-maintenance,
can be managed remotely or manually, and has enough torque to
handle most all commercial applications.
Mobile and Web ApplicationsYour building or entire property portfolio can be controlled from the
palm of your hand. With our mobile and web applications you
receive notifications of potential property damage incidents as well
at the actions the system took to address the issues. Beyond
notifications you can remotely turn on/ off your water, manage
temperature sensing ranges, enable/ disable the auto-shutoff
feature, and much more. Because our system runs on a cellular
network there should be no fear of missing a message due to
being away from home, losing Wi-Fi connection, or losing power.

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