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Highview Captial Announces Acquisition of Watterson

Highview Capital Announces Acquisition of Watterson



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Know the Drill

The importance of having a disaster plan in place — prior to the emergency at hand.

Fresh Air Solutions

Communal air solutions in retail and restaurant locations.

COVID Hurricane Preparedness

A quick guide on COVID Hurricane Preparedness by Watterson’s President, Steve Peldiak!

Surplus Store Management

President of WattersonEFM, Steve Peldiak has an article on page 20 of the Retail & Restaurants Facility Business digital edition discussing the management of surplus stores. Check it out!

What to Look for in a Surplus Property Managing Partner

Great article by Steve Peldiak featured in Retail & Restaurant Facilities newsletter about selecting the perfect surplus property managing partner.

High-Tech Emergency Response

Great article by Steve Peldiak in Retail & Restaurant Facilities magazine about the cellular and wireless system AWSAM. The cloud based AWSAM system can alert via phone call, text or email if a property has water, temperature, humidity or HVAC security issues. Turnkey solutions with 24/7 monitoring and High-Tech Emergency Response is what Watterson uses to do Whatever It Takes!