At Watterson, we were reminded during the recent hurricane season that when individual businesses are affected by storm damage, the communities that rely on those businesses are also affected. We had the pleasure of helping to protect our client stores and get them open quickly after the storms. Here’s the full story from our Senior Vice President of Emergency Response:

“The Hurricane season of 2017 was unlike any we have seen in recent history, with two major events impacting the United States within two weeks.

From the flooding in Houston caused by Harvey to the devastation in the Caribbean & Florida from Irma and Maria, Watterson was there for our clients. We kept a close eye on every storm and were in constant communication with our clients well before the storms made landfall to assist in the storm preparation process. Whether we prepared stores with sandbags and board ups or pre-mobilized manpower and equipment, we made sure every client was provided timely information on the storm track, intensity, and our response plans. As the hurricanes made landfall and devastated communities, Watterson put plans in action to inspect our clients’ properties, remove sandbags and board ups, and in the worst cases, help provide turnkey solutions to restore our clients to full operations.

The communities impacted by these stores are still recovering and Watterson is still there, helping our clients. With some properties damaged by floods and hurricane force winds, we provided temporary power solutions and began the cleanup process for our clients. With every location came a different need but our project teams were onsite to see every location reopen their doors. Many communities will feel the devastation of these weather events for years to come and Watterson will be there, every step of the way, to help our clients and their customers return back to their normal way of life.

This is one of the many reasons why I am proud to be part of the Watterson team.”

Proudly doing Whatever It Takes,

Chris Munkvold, Senior Vice President – Emergency Response