Property Redevelopment

Quality redevelopment with a proven team.

When you’re planning to redevelop a commercial property, you need a trusted partner. Watterson has proven experience that can lead you through due diligence, conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and asbestos inspections for existing structures. As you fine-tune your redevelopment plans for the property, Watterson can manage and perform all environmental remediation aspects required, including full structural and select interior demolition of any structure. This allows your team to focus on final project design and retention of a General Contractor, and saves you time and money by having these key tasks already completed.



We offer coverage across the U.S. and Canada, with experienced project managers to ensure you're always in good hands.


Our project managers have national portfolios, giving them the range of experience to help make the right recommendations for your situation.


Our vast network of strategic partnerships allows us to generate creative solutions to meet your project needs.


We will discuss your needs and create a detailed plan, then will keep you informed throughout the process.